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Magic Pictures
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Jun 3 – Sept 14

A History of Pottery

Jun 3 – Sept 14

Black & White

Jun 3 – Sept 14

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James Haul
Aug 16 – Oct 14


Stephanie Rand
Aug 28 – Oct 2


Gallery Store

An art gallery store offers both original art (paintings, sculptures) and art-inspired gifts, letting you browse and buy beauty for your home or gifts for art enthusiasts.

Jenny Fields

Featured Artist

Current Exhibition: Bloom
Jun 6th – Aug 19



Latest News

Looking Into the Ways of Improving Screenwriting 

Writing screenplays can be challenging, especially in a film industry where talented individuals are filled to the brim and are already coming up with the same – if not better – ideas for a screenplay than you.  However, that does not mean that your written work will be considered any less. What you really need […]

Madaari (Film Review)

Dir: Nishikant Kamat Starring: Irrfan Khan, Vishesh Bansal, Jimmy Sheirgill, Tushar Dalvi and Nitesh Pandey Dur: 2 hrs 13 mins Genre: Political Drama The film tells the gripping story of a father who goes to great lengths to send a message to the perpetrators behind...

Yoga Essentials – A Checklist

Yoga has been booming in popularity for years now. Offering a way to connect with yourself through exercise and relaxation. However, if you are new to the world of yoga it can get confusing. While many instructors will give you a list of what you will need, and what...

How to Choose Your Tattoo Design

Sometimes, it is an easy decision. It is easy to know what you want to be tattooed. However, it can be difficult to choose a tattoo design. You may want to remember a date or a loved one, or you might just want to express your feelings and use your body to create a...

On the spot: Carles Dalmau

[ad_1] Carles Dalmau is a Spanish comedian artist whose illustrations are a fantastic combination of lovable and spooky. By drawing each individual working day and doing the job incredibly challenging on his people, he’s created a series of cartoons that are...

Whitney Biennial: Not As Quiet As You May Expect

[ad_1] David Breslin and Adrienne Edwards curate “Quiet as It’s Kept” Produce poetry. That is our ideal-encouraged approach to expertise the Whitney Biennial. The stanza, the areas, the rhythms, the waves. They all coalesce in the black space and the white place. And...


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