August 11, 2022

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Alain Bourdon, The Minimalist Wave

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About Alain Bourdon

Alain Bourdon is a french graphic designer, obsessed with waves, their designs, and all of what they belong to. For this, with the Minimalist Wave task, he tries to depict the lighter side of an remarkable phenomenon that frequently evolves and is never ever the exact. He produces hand drawing small sketches demonstrating fluid types resembling a wave, a surfer in the center of the ocean, a surfboard subsequent to the water, and so on. Alain would like to capture each doable element mostly by observing and staring at a landscape he truly feels belonging to.

He is also the operator of Alain Bourdon Graphic Style and design Studio and being applied to busy every day rhythms, Alain drawings are an intimate instant to experience focused while permitting almost everything circulation close to.

The Minimalist Wave

The Minimalist Wave started out by prospect. One particular working day Alain was on the telephone with a customer and started off drawing random waves on a sheet of paper. Because he felt satisfied with the visible consequence, he started out filling a full notebook of related sketches. Later on, a buddy noticed the drawings and enthusiastic him to go further with them.

Utilizing a black and white palette strictly arrives from a radical and nominal type selection. What moves Alain is to say a minor, with just a bit of stimulus in a entire world crammed with inputs and visual contamination.

Sensation portion of character with no entitlement is the essence in his drawings. To Alain, towns and structures are human-centered. On the other aspect, character is a separate identity, and we need to study to observe and live with it.

So as for browsing the ocean or climbing a tree could provide a person closer to nature, drawing it is an attempt to do so.

Take a look at The Minimalist Wave internet site below.

The Minimalist Wave Image
The Minimalist Wave Image
The Minimalist Wave Image
Moon slide
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
The Hold out
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
Morning Bathtub
 The Minimalist Wave Image
The Minimalist Wave Image
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
Full Moon
Alain Bourdon - The Minimalist Wave Image
Morning Slide




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