January 21, 2022

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Dancing with the Trinity | Global Sisters Report

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Dancing with the Trinity | Global Sisters Report

For the previous few months, my recently retired father has been diligently decluttering my childhood home. This is a appreciable activity, taking into consideration my dad and mom have lived in this exact residence for the previous 35 years and elevated five young children within its walls, each and every of whom has still left driving a collection of childhood trinkets, drawings, faculty initiatives, the regular matters that are effortless to neglect when one moves absent from dwelling.

When I talked to my father very last week, he said, “You know what I located in the basement now when I was cleansing it out?” I thought for a next: I wondered if he uncovered one thing embarrassing like my previous Spice Women Barbie, or the Titanic poster that utilised to dangle in my bedroom, or a Lisa Frank folder from middle university on which I scribbled, “NSYNC rulez.” But right before I could guess, he answered: “I identified your promenade attire!”

“Oh yeah!” I reported, “I recall people!” I could image both of those of them straight away. My junior calendar year prom dress was ground-length, bright coral, and strapless. My senior yr costume was significantly less difficult: black, shorter hem, nominal silhouette. I try to remember acquiring a great time at both of those proms … besides for the dancing.

I snicker about it now, but as a teenager, I hated dancing. I found it painfully uncomfortable. I felt like dances were an possibility for individuals to decide you for how you had been relocating, what you were wearing, who you were (or were not) dancing with. This was why I barely ever went to school dances. And when I did dance some at the proms, I also skipped the sluggish tunes to “go to the lavatory,” and I expended a sizeable amount of money of time chatting with folks around the consume desk.

Fortunately, I have grown out of my hatred (and worry) of dancing, and I attribute this perspective change partly to spiritual life. Before I turned a sister, I by no means believed religious life would entail so many situations for dancing: vow celebrations, jubilees, Offering Voice conferences and other gatherings with younger spiritual, and even, thanks to COVID-19, dances around Zoom.

With no adolescent self-consciousness, with no the risk of hormone-laden gossip and intrigue, I have identified dancing to be joyful, exciting and holy. When I am dancing, there are times when I sense that my soul is beautifully synced with my entire body, and I feel additional deeply related to the men and women all-around me as we move to the exact rhythm, the exact music.

Some folks could possibly come across it peculiar to phone dancing holy, but this strategy is actually rooted in Trinitarian theology. This past Sunday’s celebration of the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity reminded me of a phrase I discovered not too long ago that describes the relationship amongst the persons of the Trinity: perichoresis. This Greek time period will not translate extremely nicely into English: “rotation” and “encompassing” are two frequent words and phrases that only partly express its that means.

I like a distinct definition available by Sarah Coakley in her e-book God, Sexuality, and the Self, which is that perichoresis conveys the union of the Trinity “by way of their ecstatic dance of interaction and delight.” A dance! How great an picture for the Trinity: a dynamic, moving, marriage of communion that includes synchronicity, joy, delight, interchange, ecstasy … a dance that is each unifying even though retaining the differentiation of each Person.

As I reflect more on the perichoresis of the Trinity, I also notice that the communion of the Godhead is not a shut circle, for the dance of the Trinity comes with an open invitation: a connect with to share in God’s lifetime, to share in this ecstatic dance.

This open up invitation is what we commemorate this Sunday on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi: Through the Eucharist, God has given us a share of himself so that we may participate in the divine existence. Just about every time we obtain the Eucharist, we react to this invitation to be a part of in the dance of the Trinity, where we may well shift in additional great harmony with Father, Son and Spirit. It really is an astoundingly gorgeous, incomprehensible mystery.

So I guess dancing is just not so bad right after all.

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