7 Top Reasons Why Music is So Important

David J. Holcomb

Everyone loves music. Music is everywhere, it pervades our world. Everyone knows music has power and importance. But have you ever stopped to consider why? What it is about music that gives it so much power and importance? Here are seven top reasons: Music is a universal language. It inspires […]

How To Find Out-Of-Print Sheet Music

David J. Holcomb

Sheet music and music books are easier to find than ever, thanks to many on-line retailers. For working musicians, big, fat “fake books” containing lead sheets (i.e., simplified sheet music stripped down to bare essentials) are still popular. You might ask, “Paper and ink sheet music? — In this day […]

How to Choose Your Tattoo Design


Sometimes, it is an easy decision. It is easy to know what you want to be tattooed. However, it can be difficult to choose a tattoo design. You may want to remember a date or a loved one, or you might just want to express your feelings and use your […]

Ballet Training – The Elements of Ballet Dance

David J. Holcomb

In this article you’ll learn about the elements of a dance for ballet. The first element is Shape. The body is used in choreography to make shapes. The dancer can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, curved, twisted, angular, etc.. The choreographer should pay attention to the detail of the body shape. The […]

Language Before Music – Music Before Language?

David J. Holcomb

So what if… you saw sound? you could hear thought? you could smell the correct path? What if it were all about spirals… It’s quite likely human predecessors intuitively appreciated that the world formed around spirals and responded to the perception of sound much more holistically with their body~mind connection. […]

Mounting Your Pics Into Your Picture Album

David J. Holcomb

The form of picture album that involves an extra merchandise to spot the shots are the straightforward common style image albums with plain sheets of paper inside, usually there are glassine or tissue sheets in concerning each and every page. These type of albums are frequently referred to as “common […]

Prepare For A Professional Belly Dance Performance

David J. Holcomb

The first performance as a soloist or a troupe member is difficult as most people are uncomfortable being the center of attention. There is one additional fear when part of a group… making a mistake. A mistake in a troupe is noticeable because it is obviously different from other members, […]