Nation’s Finest Film Schools

David J. Holcomb

You would probably instantly think that the church featured in Cecil B. DeMille’s movie, The Ten Commandments, was filmed in Sts. Peter and Paul Church across Washington Square, San Francisco. You’d also speculate where did the sniper shoot from in the first scene of Dirty Harry filmed. The answer would […]

Tap Dance Questions and Answers

David J. Holcomb

Tap dance enjoyed the height of its popularity in the 1930s and 1940s. However, it’s still practiced by many young dancers. Anyone studying tap should know its history. For example, (1) African-American slaves created an early form of tap that was an inspiration for the current art form, (2) metal […]

Functioning As a Professional Photographer


Transforming your interest in photography course (Fotokurs) into a job is an exciting possibility for many individuals. Just how remarkable it is to be able to do what you enjoy and make money for it. This is the perfect functioning situation! Becoming a specialist digital photographer is no simple job, […]

Film Noir Influence in The Virgin Suicides

David J. Holcomb

Teenage suicide was not unheard of before the nineteen-nineties, but its growing instances during this period led people to acknowledge the problem. Schools even started publishing materials to educate students and parents about the phenomena. The Virgin Suicides confronts this delicate topic straightforward. Sofia Coppola blends elements of her own […]

Why Hollywood Executives Love Myths in Film Scripts

David J. Holcomb

For many aspiring film writers, one of the most frustrating things to pinpoint is what genre Hollywood executives are looking for. Do they want action? Drama? Comedy? All three? Perhaps. That depends on the market and screenwriter’s experiences and screenwriting specialty. But what Hollywood executives like and look for in […]

Halloween Costumes – Recycle Ideas for Adults

David J. Holcomb

After the summer months there are three major celebrations before the year ends. Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December. Costumes may be worn at all three events for private parties, public functions, school and church activities, the theater, and other social functions. If you are a […]

What is PP in Digital Photography?

David J. Holcomb

Of course, we would like to say, that this is PP Group – a leading team in the photography branch, because this is our name! Because we are PP Group. But PP in the Digital Photography means something else. Our research shows, that most of the people use this abbreviation […]