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Tap dancers: Putting their best foot forward

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Tap dancers: Putting their best foot forward

“I’m a tap dancer,” reported Jason Samuels Smith. “Some men and women would say a hoofer. Some individuals would say foot percussionist. Some people today would say organic and natural mathematician!”

There are a lot of strategies to describe Samuels Smith, but the most effective way to fully grasp what he does is to hear.

Correspondent Faith Salie reported, “Until eventually speaking to you, it under no circumstances occurred to me that dancers can dance to songs, but when you tap dance, you are the songs. When you dance, what concept do you want your audience to get?”

“I want persons to experience one thing,” Samuels Smith replied. “I want them to really feel my knowledge, my thoughts. We can express that selection by this dance at times greater than words.”

Tap dancer Jason Samuels Smith.

CBS News

For Samuels Smith, it goes a phase further more. It is really about honoring tap dancing’s roots, and his have. “Tap was form of a language that was formulated for individuals to create their individual independence,” he reported.

Dance historian and Florida Point out University professor emerita Sally Sommer agrees: “If you wanna know about the background of The us, maybe you should review the historical past of faucet.”

It’s a historical past that dates back again to the 1600s, when enslaved Africans were introduced to The united states. “If everything’s taken from you, and all that is still left is your body, you’re likely to make art with your overall body,” explained Sommer.

That dance ongoing to evolve by means of the 18th and 19th hundreds of years as The usa became a melting pot of cultures and rhythms

“the Irish and the Scots who came in early and normally were indentured servants, arrived in with, also, a spouse and children of move dances,” Sommer explained. “The African dancer, typically, danced with bare feet on bare earth. The Irish stage dancer typically danced on a picket flooring, in some cases with distinctive shoes, sometimes not.”

A homegrown variety of dance emerged, obtaining its footing in burgeoning New York City, in a Decreased East Facet community termed Five Factors. Sommer reported, “It transpired in the down-and-out places. It transpired exactly where almost nothing joyful was supposed to come about.”

That joy continued, as faucet shuffled into the 20th century, from minstrel shows to vaudeville and then Broadway. Eventually Hollywood bought delighted toes, way too … plenty of them!

From “Gold Diggers of 1935”:

That is Dancing (1985) – Lullaby of Broadway – Gold Diggers of 1935 by
warnerarchive on

From Monthly bill Bojangles Robinson to Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers to Eleanor Powell, faucet was entrance and center.

From “Swing Time” (1936):

SWING TIME (’36): “Pick You Up” by
Turner Common Movies on

But these dance numbers did not past without end.

Sommer mentioned, “Out of the blue, throughout the ’50s, who faucet danced? Not many. The ’60s, who tap danced? Not quite a few. And then in the ’70s, these dancers started out actually discovering these fantastic Black tap masters who, with excellent generosity, shared.”

Masters like Howard “Sandman” Sims and James “Buster” Brown, who impressed greats like Gregory Hines.

From “White Nights” (1985):

Gregory Hines Solo Faucet Scene White Nights by
jbbe2 on

The stage was set for a new generation of shows and stars, on television and on the net, on levels big and modest.

Savion Glover performs on a re-opening Broadway:

View the Very first Overall performance Back on Broadway in a 12 months, That includes Savion Glover by
theatermania on

Even all through the pandemic, amateurs and pros alike discovered techniques to retain shuffling along any way they could.

Sommer reported, “I’m always waiting for the future faucet dancer to surprise me, mainly because they’re out there to shock you. And they will!”

As for Jason Samuels Smith, it’s all new music to his ears.

“It truly is empowering,” he reported of tap. “It connects you to your past, to heritage, to herstory. It embodies almost each individual ingredient you can picture, and it demonstrates The us straight.”

Hoofers Jason Samuels Smith and Faith Salie. 

CBS News

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