The Zen of Why It’s Okay to Just Be Okay

David J. Holcomb


I’m discovering to settle for myself. I’m continue to in the method of understanding to adore who I am. And it’s been refreshing and good to be equipped to do that and to be ok. I assume my admirers have brought that out in me.

— Dua Lipa

To be clear, I’m not a psychological overall health professional. My qualifications begin with 7 decades of expertise remaining ok most of the time, really darn very good sometimes, and funked up in gloom at times. I’m also an astute observer of human ailments whose unique ability is observing and understanding what motivates persons to do what they do even when they never know them selves.

Due to the fact 1988, I have been actively assisting artists succeed in the artwork company. Between 6 art business guides and my weekly Art Advertising News website, I’ve penned tens of millions of words and phrases of tips and encouragement for artists for the reason that I want them to delight in the finest of their lives as artists.

When You Are a Hammer, All the things Seems Like a Nail.

When I started, I built the widespread oversight of on the lookout at artists’ planet as a result of my lens. It’s comprehensible. That is because by correctly implementing advertising, marketing, and gross sales instruments, I single-handedly managed a territory of eleven Western states and all Western Canadian provinces that generated $1.5 million in yearly trade promoting and tradeshow exhibit profits from a databases of 2,000 contacts.

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Master about artwork-relevant Professions.

What I imagined I could do was train visual artists to be like me. Hah! So significantly for becoming an astute observer of myself.

When the trade magazine business model dried up due to the internet’s disruptive powers, I commenced utilizing my sharing my amassed knowledge and insider insights with artists via my guides, blog site, workshops, programs, and consulting. But there was usually anything lacking in the equation. Effectively, artists were being eager to discover but discovered the simple application of the know-how seeking.

Artists knew what to do but weren’t doing it, which was a difficulty a lot more for me than for them. That is for the reason that most were being alright cherry-choosing my assistance and applying it in methods that suited their enterprise product instead of the vision I experienced for them.

As We Progress Our Life, Tradeoffs Are Harder.

Inevitably, I found out that artists, and most men and women, for that matter, uncover a stage of contentment in their life, excluding the outliers who by no means achieve that amount. And at that consolation level, they typically do not want to or can’t spend the price tag to reach a lot more. So, for example, I expended 90 days on typical on the street with pretty much weeks of yearly accumulative time in airplanes alone, which is an outlier case in point and way of living decision a lot of would eschew even for the huge bucks I was creating.

Like each and every other artwork advertising guru, I made use of the achievements of high-obtaining outliers as illustrations to stimulate artists to find out about art advertising and marketing tools and approaches. Sad to say, that notion leaves out most artists who may well have an fascination in these types of subject areas but incredibly minimal need to run with them as I hoped they would. They weren’t into it like I was, and unfortunately for me, they in no way would be.

You Can Normally Be Far too Close to See.

All along, the facts for me to see what was taking place was right there. Amongst my artwork business enterprise advertisers, I observed and was confounded by the wide disparity in the myriad of approaches my shoppers received their work to market place without the need of making use of all the absolutely free and paid options I had for them. Some advertised every month and exhibited at every single demonstrate. Some others only employed promoting with no trade reveals in the combine and vice versa. Only a few tapped no cost resources offered to them.

They were being doing it their way, and by and large, they were being all right even when it intended they had been common or even down below common in sales and other metrics, they ended up good with their effects. Again then, I believed it was odd. Now I notice they ended up alright, and I wasn’t for not accepting that they ended up finding what they desired with no undertaking everything I suggested. So fundamentally, I had an array of advertising and marketing tools, and practically none of my shoppers made use of them.

The Guide to Art-related Careers
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We’re Extra Alike Than You Could Imagine.

It ultimately dawned on me that I was much more like them than I recognized. That’s due to the fact I found I was normally executing factors my way when I actually assessed my promoting assistance and art business enterprise publishing product. Once I got out from under the pressure of a worthwhile working day occupation, I stopped doing the things I was not specifically keen to do. And I didn’t care significantly if that intended I wouldn’t are living up to my full potential as a main art promoting expert.

Getting One’s Contentment Quotient.

I had arrived at that position of contentment in which I was no more time prepared to sacrifice getting comfy to improve my artwork business and internet marketing outcomes. Like several artists I know, I uncovered gratification was not money. That recognition was an epiphany that adjusted my existence for the superior. And with any luck ,, I will do so for artists who observe me. I had eventually acquired that it was alright just to be okay. That insight led me to coin this phrase,

Just because you can does not imply you must.

— Barney Davey

Highly effective Marketing and advertising Persuasion Subtly Utilized Is a Problem.

We use popular perception to prevent jumping from a rushing motor vehicle. But we get baffled by outlier examples and exhortations of marketers who persuade us with internet marketing gimmickry that pushes our buttons and will make us feel a lot less than if we really do not succeed at business enterprise to the most effective of our means.

I mastered those electronic internet marketing and slick persuasion strategies but deserted employing them mainly because, using a specialized phrase, they made me come to feel icky. And, to be candid, I disliked executing them regardless of their usefulness.

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Master about artwork-relevant Careers.

I am not a item of my conditions. I am a merchandise of my conclusions.

― Stephen R. Covey

Audience of this blog site and my textbooks know I’m a devoted supporter of the late Stephen Covey. The assistance and philosophy of his 7 Behavior of Remarkably Successful People today reserve profoundly have an affect on my existence and considering. It is not a summer time beach read through, but I nonetheless really recommend reading through it. And I’ll be honest to notify you it took me various tries to finish looking at it since it is total of complicated principles.

You Have 4 Human Endowments.

Covey’s Four Human Endowments are handy and instructive. He tells us as human beings we have these one of a kind presents:

  • Self-consciousness
  • Conscience
  • Totally free will
  • Creative imagination

These attributes allow us to distinguish among truth and illusion, renovate the clock into a compass, and align our life with the extrinsic specifics that govern the good quality of daily life.

Dwelling Well Advantages Further than Creature Comforts.

The initially a few endowments are crucial for dwelling effectively. They provide the basis for all other human capabilities. With no them, we can’t make selections or act. In its place, we’re caught in a state of inertia.

But there is another vital facet of these endowments. Initially, Covey says, “They are not just instruments they are also means.” In other text, when we use these endowments properly, they come to be property. So he goes on to notify us, “The far more totally made your endowment, the greater your ability to dwell proficiently.”

So, let us glance at every of these endowments independently.

1. Self Consciousness

Self-recognition is recognizing who you are and how you match into the large photograph. It is about figuring out by yourself. It is about obtaining insight into your strengths and weaknesses, talents and limitations, desires and fears. It’s about recognizing the place you want to go and why.

It is about remaining in a position to detect your values and ambitions. It is about understanding what will make you tick. And it’s about understanding what you really do not know.

2. Conscience

Your conscience understands ideal from wrong, very good from evil, and truth of the matter from lies. It is about building ethical selections. It is about doing the appropriate matter even if no 1 else does. It’s about integrity. It is about honesty. It’s about standing on principle.

3. Impartial Will

Impartial will is the potential for you to act without the need of outside the house influence. It is about using duty for your actions. It’s about functioning in accordance to your requirements and next by on commitments. It is about setting targets and accomplishing them. It is about becoming accountable.

4. Imaginative Creativeness

Your imagination lets you to imagine and see points otherwise. It is about developing new tips. It is about coming up with options some others have not considered of just before. It’s about innovation. It’s about creativeness. It is about conjuring strategies and ideas no one has at any time dreamed of, and when we blend these 4 endowments, we produce an interior compass that allows us navigate the complexities of lifetime.

The Massive Ability of Choice.

We can opt for to be satisfied and affluent and to realize greatness. Or we can pick to be ok. And for most of us, that is superior ample mainly because we are naturally ordinary. Ponder the witticism of comedian Steven Wright when he wisecracks 50 percent the people you know are underneath common.

Despite what gurus and entrepreneurs boost, it is exceptional to excel outside of regular. Here’s an case in point. There are 1,696 football players on the active rosters of Nationwide Soccer League teams. How many are stars with identify brand name recognition? The rest, though among the world’s very best athletes, are not known. Even on that elevated level, most of them have picked to be alright entities unidentified to most football supporters.

Why It is Also Alright to Not Be All right

The pressure to accomplish and be successful is actual and pervasive. Whilst some are far better equipped to deal with not remaining alright, no a person can wholly escape the devastating effect of sensation a lot less than.

If you feel like you’ve hit rock base, you almost certainly have. But bear in mind, rock bottoms appear and go. There will normally be somebody even worse off than you. You might never get out of this hole, but you can dig deeper.

Really don’t Give Up in Despair When You Are Not Alright.

You can find strategies to increase your scenario. For instance, you can modify your conditions. You can learn to cope. You can build coping tactics. You can regulate. You can acquire control of your daily life.

You can decide on to be content and to be okay. That is my wish for artists and all people today. I even contain these who throw rocks and cast aspersions on me and my way of thinking. And it is mainly because I’m alright with just remaining as I am and hope you are way too.

To Be All right Internet marketing Artwork.

In my AMTP membership group, I offer assistance and encouragement to reside your very best artist’s existence together with practical assistance on internet marketing your artwork. The archives are loaded with information on just about every single significant art promoting matter. But I believe learning them is pointless till you know what you want from your art small business. When you can clarify to yourself what you want to come about to your artwork on completion, you can function backward to identify the instruments and techniques to enable you make it occur.

I invite you to be a part of hundreds of artists and me in a throughout the world local community devoted to serving to artists achieve stability in their lives and companies as they appreciate building and internet marketing art on the phrases they pick out. That is how to be ok with advertising artwork. Go below to discover additional and be a part of. You are going to be happy you did.

The Guide to Art-related Careers
Master about artwork-similar Professions.


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