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All About Mount Kosciusko, seen from the Victorian border (Mount Hope Ranges) by Eugene von Guerard

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Title of Artwork: “Mount Kosciusko, found from the Victorian border (Mount Hope Ranges)”

Artwork by Eugene von Guerard

Calendar year Designed 1866

Summary of Mount Kosciusko, witnessed from the Victorian border (Mount Hope Ranges)

Eugene von Guérard drew this watch of Mount Kosciuszko from the Mount Hope Ranges (Victorian border) in 1866, based mostly on a scientific expedition to the mountain carried out by German scientist Professor Georg Balthasar von Neumayer.

All About Mount Kosciusko, found from the Victorian border (Mount Hope Ranges)

Even with the tranquilly of this scene, the expedition’s notebooks expose that the users of the team had to experience awful hardships.

The painting’s two contrasting sections are the dim, scary, primitive jungle and the lofty, mild-drenched Mount Kosciuszko. Cockatoos and tall majestic gum trees link these two areas.

The mountain currents carry hawks perfectly around the treetops. The skeletal remains of the tall tree trunks body a piece of the centre foreground wherever Von Neumayer rides his white horse in the direction of his dog, Hector.

Quite a few much more horses graze peacefully in the brush though Von Neumayer and his travelling companions set up camp. In the midst of this sort of huge pure elegance, the human beings feel inconsequential.

Even so, when von Guérard’s focus to scientific precision is clearly noticeable, Passionate allusions to divine and poetic nature are mirrored in the hanging big difference in scale and gentle.

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