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Art Terms Explained: Oil Painting

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As artists, we face a extensive volume of terminology though researching and studying about our supplies. In this posting, we reveal the meaning of selected normally-made use of text, phrases and phrases in the context of oil painting.


‘Alkyd’ is a combination of the words ‘alcohol’ and ‘acid’. In oil portray, it refers to an oil-modified resin dealt with with these two substances. This resin can be found in painting mediums and in ‘alkyd oils’ – ie. oil paints that consist of this resin to speed drying time.


Alla prima

A portray approach that entails completing an oil portray in just one session, as opposed to completing it in layers utilized at unique periods.



Oil paints keep damp for a lengthy time, which permits for them to be moved close to and combined on the painting floor. You can do this to make a gradual transition from one particular colour to an additional, a approach recognised as ‘blending’.



To increase ‘body’ to your oil paint, is to thicken it employing a medium, ordinarily a wax or gel medium.


Brush cleaning soap

Brush cleaning soap is a variety of cleanser that is specifically formulated with natural oils to moisturise and cleanse brush hairs, so that your brushes hold their condition and hairs for lengthier.


Cartridge / cartridge gun dispenser

Oil paints in portions previously mentioned 225 ml are often packaged inside of a cartridge, a rigid cylindrical tube, which will involve a cartridge gun dispenser to squeeze the paint out.


Drying oil

Prepared produced oil paint has two principal ingredients – pigment and ‘drying oil’. A drying oil is a pure oil that oxidises when exposed to air, triggering it to harden into a solid layer. Linseed oil is the most frequent drying oil used in oil paint manufacture (despite the fact that there are others), and the quality of it is instrumental in the quality and dealing with homes of the paint – the highest top quality linseed oil will be clearer and considerably less most likely to color around time.


Fat around lean rule

This rule dictates that oils need to often be painted in a sure way to make sure the longevity of your portray: put paint with much more oil (or extra fat) around the best of paint that has significantly less oil in it (extra diluted with solvent). This is due to the actuality that oil paints ‘dry’ in another way to other paints. Rather of evaporating like water-centered paints, the oil in oil paint reacts with air causing it to solidify – this process is identified as oxidation. In the meantime the solvent in the paint does evaporate. When the evaporation of the solvent doesn’t take pretty lengthy at all, the oxidisation process is incredibly gradual and never truly stops. As oil paint oxidises it goes by an expansion and contraction course of action. If everything that dries speedier is set on best of not-adequately-dry oil paint it is probable to crack.



The phrase movement refers to how mobile the paint is, and how easily it transfers from the brush to the canvas or surface. Mediums can be included to increase circulation.


size primer gesso ground

Real Gesso



The time period ‘gesso’ is typically applied for all styles of primers and grounds, due to the fact it was the original. But technically it only refers to the traditional mixture of scorching animal glue and gypsum or chalk, used in numerous slim layers to picket panels although heat. Given that many folks simply call acrylic primer ‘gesso’, the glue style it is typically named real or standard gesso.



The application of a slender layer of translucent paint about a extra opaque layer.



A floor that is shiny when dry is reported to be gloss. Some oil paints show up a lot more gloss than others depending on the dimension of pigment particles and their concentration. A remaining gloss complete can be utilized with varnish. There are three surface area sheens: gloss, satin and matt.



A term typically utilised to describe a organized surface prepared for oil portray. The term ‘ground’ could refer to something from a primed piece of canvas to an aluminium sheet.


making beeswax impasto medium

Impasto medium For oil portray produced with beeswax



A time period to describe paint that has been applied thickly, normally straight from the tube or with a medium included to thicken it.



In Italian ‘imprimatura’ usually means ‘the 1st layer’. In painting it refers to a skinny clear layer of color that is laid on to a ground evenly in order to color it. The layer is thinned with solvent or with a quick drying medium. It is then still left to dry right before the genuine painting of the picture starts. Lots of artists will leave patches of the imprimatura layer showing by means of in their get the job done. It is an substitute preparation to a tinted or colored ground, the place the primer is mixed with a color prior to software to a assist.



An additive that is mixed with paint in order to increase the color or alter some of its attributes these as consistency, texture, transparency, drying time, movement and sheen.


Oil sticks or bars

A format of oil paint, it is a mixture of pigment, oil and wax moulded into a adhere kind. Viewed as as either a drawing or painting medium, they can be used immediately on a prepared surface area. Oil sticks dry like oil paint – it is not the exact as an oil or wax pastel.


Oxidisation (in relation to ‘drying’)

Oil paint doesn’t ‘dry’ like other paints. As a substitute, it hardens as the oil oxidises (a chemical response with air). This is unique to watercolour, for example, where by drying is brought about by the water material of the paint evaporating.



Permanence takes into thing to consider the results of other components on the stability and appearance of pigments , including humidity, mild, warmth, h2o, acidity, alkali ranges and so on. The permanence of a paint will be indicated on the label employing a score procedure identified by the company and discussed in the manufacturer’s colour chart or on their site. Be knowledgeable that some artists and companies use it as an equal to ‘lightfast’.


An array of pigments



A pigment is finely floor colour produced both in a laboratory or from naturally coloured rocks. Pigment is a person of the two major substances of oil paints, along with drying oil.



A surfacing materials applied to coat a floor to get it all set for paint application. It is a glue that sticks very well to your area, greater than your paint would. It functions as a middleman concerning the surface area and the paint which is used in excess of the top, so that your paint is effectively adhered.


Rabbit pores and skin glue

Rabbit Pores and skin Glue is a regular glue employed as a sealant on canvas and wooden panels just before implementing gesso or a primer, or to be painted on straight with oil paint.



When the oil in the best layer of oil paint is absorbed into the layer beneath, so that the major layer is left with insufficient oil binder, all those sections of the portray can show up uninteresting. This can take place owing to an over-absorbent surface, using as well a great deal solvent, or not using more than enough medium with lean colors, like earth colors.


Sizing (Sealant)

A size is a glue that seals the surface area to reduce absorption. On canvas it prevents oil paint coming into get hold of with the fibres which would gradually be destroyed by the oil.



Petroleum or turpentine centered diluents that are applied to thin paint and/or clean brushes and as components in oil painting mediums.


Regular oil

Oil paints are created working with finely ground pigment particles suspended in drying oils, commonly linseed but often pale colours are blended with poppy, safflower or walnut. They are buttery in regularity, their attributes can be altered or increased by adding mediums, and may perhaps have to have solvents to cleanse them from brushes.


Transparency / Opacity

The measure of how a lot mild is ready to go through an utilized paint and interact with the surface area beneath. Clear paints appear a lot more luminous on a white assistance due to the fact they permit a more substantial proportion of gentle to strike the area they are laying on. Opaque paints block this reflection from occurring, and can be utilized to go over layers of colour underneath.



The original layer of paint on a painting.


H2o mixable oils

H2o-mixable oil paints give the allure of classic oils with the included gain of not necessitating solvents for either thinning or the thoroughly clean up operation. As they are h2o-dependent, there is no need to have to offer with the fumes of solvents, as it is much safer and much easier to clean up with cleaning soap and water.



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