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Concepts (app review): Sketching with Vector and Infinite Canvas

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Principles is drawing application based mostly on vector, made with contact interface in head and is offered on Iphone, iPads, Home windows and Android units.

I am a big supporter of the app and have been using it for several yrs. This application is effortless to study due to the fact it can be a basic and clear-cut application. This app is terrific for individuals who like sketching, visible journaling and lively colours.


Concepts is centered on the freemium design. The app is absolutely free to use with particular capabilities locked at the rear of the paywall.

There are two methods to unlock all the capabilities.

You can unlock some of the features with a 1-time obtain of the US $10 Necessities pack. This will unlock infinite layers, tap+maintain choice, transforms, extra export formats which incorporates lossless PNG, SVG, DXF, PSD and Concepts native. This is the finest offer since it unlocks infinite levels and presents you the alternative to export your artwork in lossless file formats.

Also, there are several other 1-time purchases obtainable, these types of as several brush packs, far more file formats and item templates. On common, every single invest in is about US $2, or significantly less when obtained as a bundle.

Sadly the one-time purchases are not synced across Concepts on different OS platforms. For illustration, if you have Principles on Android and Home windows, you have to order the same brush pack two times.

The second way to unlock the attributes is by membership at US $5/month or $30/year. Membership will supply all the instruments on all OS platforms, which includes team collaboration and sharing features not offered via a person-time acquire.

For particular use, it can make much more perception to get the Essentials pack very first, then take your time to examine the app ahead of you come to a decision to obtain other things. Buying the Necessities set will give you most of the Ideas sketching expertise.

Difference involving Ideas on iOS, iPadOS, Android and Windows

There is a very long list of variances in functions for Ideas on iOS and iPadOS vs Android and Home windows.

Just to summarise the discrepancies beneath.

The file structure on iOS and iPad is .Thought, and the file format on Android and Home windows is .Principles.

The documents established on iOS and iPadOS can’t be opened by Concepts working on Android and Windows.

The information created on Android and Home windows can not by opened by Ideas on iOS and iPad.

And even even though Android and Windows use the same file format, at times the files are not interchangeable, e.g. mismatch of versions.

Tophatch, the company that developed Principles, said they are at the moment functioning on convergence for Principles throughout all platforms. Can not wait around for that to take place for the reason that Android/Windows variations are missing in lots of characteristics out there on the iPad model.

The model of Concepts I’m making use of for this critique is iPad variation 5.10.12 (May perhaps 2022) and Android/Home windows edition 2022.04.8.

What is vector?

Artworks can be classified as raster or vector.

Raster artworks are made up of pixels. Each individual pixels normally takes up storage room.

Vector artworks are based on math formulation. These math formulas generate the pixels and colours.

For example, with a vector line, you can modify the thickness, colour and route of the line effortlessly. To make improvements to a raster line, you will have to re-attract or re-color the line.

Vector file sizes are commonly compact and this is excellent for tablet buyers with constrained storage.

Vector artworks are normally associated with thoroughly clean traces, flat colouring – gradients are probable as well, but not with Ideas, nonetheless.

Difference concerning Ideas and Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer

Concepts, Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer are all vector based mostly apps.

The major variation is Concepts is created for sketching. It is difficult to develop artworks that need precision, e.g. logos, typography, graphic design and style, poster structure, web style, which are all a great deal much easier to generate with Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer. You can sketch with Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer, but their drawing resources and brushes are confined.

The other variance is there are way additional operation with Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer. The file over was designed with Adobe Illustrator. I developed the human figures with shapes, which is also achievable with Concepts. The black outlines (remaining) were established by combining the separate styles, a thing not feasible with Ideas, so with Principles, the outlines have to be draw separately. It is also not doable for Concepts to edit particular person details that kind the paths that produce the designs.

Principles behaves quite significantly like a drawing resource. Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer are for building, and can be applied to develop illustrations far too.

Drawing instruments

Concepts has a confined but valuable set of drawing equipment and brushes. Additional brushes are offered for acquire but the default brushes perform just wonderful.

Principles brushes aid force sensitivity, tilt sensitivity and palm rejection. The tension sensitivity isn’t going to come to feel as delicate in comparison to other applications while. Extra specifically, other drawing apps can detect small modifications to tension much more simply when compared to Concepts.

Consumer interface of Ideas is minimalist. This app will work good on smaller tablets as well.

There are the device wheel, palettes for levels and guides, and a leading bar for settings.

You can set up to 8 resources, e.g 8 pens with different colors, on the wheel.

The color system is based mostly on the Copic colouring system, and this is a actually stunning and interesting seeking color wheel. Downside of this wheel is the limitation of darker versions of lively colours. There is no way to make your very own color considering that you can not regulate the RGB or HSV.

Principles capabilities an infinite canvas. This suggests you can draw for as considerably as and will not likely operate out of canvas house. This is especially great for sketching panorama scenes.

And since the application is vector-primarily based, you can zoom in as close as probable and even now retain the sharpness and aspects.

The textured brushes glance seriously great. If I see a sketch like the a single above designed by anyone else, I would not have guess it’s from a vector-dependent application.

One more element I like is you can easily use distinct models to the very same artwork to get a different glimpse. In the sketch earlier mentioned, I could pick out the reliable lines and utilize the pencil brush to get the textured glance less than 5 seconds.

I seriously take pleasure in making use of this application for sketching. It is really also a fantastic application for visible journaling.


There are many restrictions with Principles. And a lot of of the constraints will come down to the deficiency of functions that you typically find in other drawing apps.

There is no Fill Bucket resource
To fill an enclosed form with colour, you have to draw the form with the Fill device. This normally takes more time when compared to utilizing a fill bucket device. And drawing a shape properly so that it acts as a crammed color is tough if you want to fill an irregular shape.

You cannot mix styles
You can find no way to merge various styles applying Boolean tools, a popular function with vector apps.

No straightforward or fast way to prepare depth of objects
You are unable to move one particular item on prime of a different. The workaround is to put the objects on different layers and arrange the layers.

There are no blending modes with layers

I commonly produce shadows on its have levels and apply a Multiply mixing mode so that the shadows mix with colours beneath.

So my workaround to building shadows is to use transparency as a substitute. I use black for shadows and make the shadow layer 50% clear. It does not seem as excellent as Multiply method although.

The way Ideas adjust layer opacity is not like other software package. With Principles, when you modify opacity of the layer, you are changing the opacity of every single object and not the opacity of the layer. For case in point, if you change a Ideas layer to 50% opacity, two objects will have transparency overlay and I can’t get the shapes (in this scenario the shadow styles) to merge into a one condition the overlap search.

Also note that in the higher than illustration, there is certainly no Fill bucket resource so I had to redraw the shape to fill the colour, and it is difficult to draw precise shapes and as a result colour overflows out of the traces. This just isn’t a challenge for my style of artwork which is loose and sketching, but the absence of a good Fill Bucket software has an effect on productiveness.

Concepts on iPad has additional capabilities than Android/Windows
Concepts on iPad has a number of practical functions not obtainable on Android and Windows.

With Android and Home windows, there’s no way to build customized colour palettes, no textual content resource, rework software is limited, and more.


Backup of files is dealt with in different ways on iPad, Android and Windows.

On iPad, the iCloud is used to backup everything, which include documents established inside Ideas. If you use Apple iphone or iPad, you use iCloud. If you will not have iCloud, do on your own a favour and subscribe to the iCloud system. If one thing occurs to your iPad, all files will be restored by iCloud.

On Android, a Google Drive is necessary to backup the information. There is certainly only backup but no sync. Which means if you have multiple Android products, your artworks will not appear on all Android gadgets. If some thing happens to your tablet, you will have to manually and tediously import the Ideas information one particular by 1 again to Concepts.

On Windows, backup is taken care of by no matter what backup provider you have. I use Microsoft OneDrive to backup my full computer system and that includes the Ideas information. If one thing transpires to my personal computer, all information will be restored by OneDrive


It is really a fantastic app for straightforward or in-depth sketches. The $10 Necessities pack to unlock picked resources is value the funds. And this is unquestionably an app well worth checking out.


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