Ep 120 The AHA Moments we Experience as Artists

David J. Holcomb

In today’s art podcast we are conversing about the AHA times we encounter as artists and there is no more beneficial AHA minute than the fantastic aged ‘happy incident!’ And it’s usually the content mishaps that enable us development, mainly because it pretty much constantly usually means that we’ve acquired something… It is just that we discovered it by error.

Ep 120 The AHA Moments we Experience as Artists

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Abruptly knowing art conditions you’ve listened to

From time to time when you are starting off out, you hear of specified phrases which you’re not entirely positive what they necessarily mean. ‘Draw what you see, and not what you consider you see’ was one particular of people illustrations for me, which of program I recognize now! But I’d also read a great deal about misplaced and found edges and I just could not get my head about what that intended either and it was only when I was performing on my classic teddy bear collection, which seriously requires me back a long way and that was when I was learning the aged master method again in the beginning… and to this working day I assume those people teddy paintings taught me much more than something I’ve at any time learnt considering the fact that.

But even though I was researching the way that some of the previous masters painted, I stored coming across this phrase ‘lost and located edges’ and like I explained, I didn’t seriously know what it intended, till I unintentionally unwittingly did it myself and said, fairly pretty much, ‘Aha!’

What I had finished was wipe a bit of fluff from the surface area of the canvas and managed to smudge an space in the process. And what it did is it absolutely blurred the changeover in between just one spot and a different in the background of the painting and when I stood back again and looked at it I realised that in that just one moment I experienced learnt a little something truly huge and it improved my total way of wondering after that. My paintings took on the entire new stage after I’d learnt that lesson. And it is amusing mainly because it’s a single of people things that I just experienced to study myself and it came with practical experience as so quite a few points do.

It is a fantastic feeling when you all of a sudden function out how to do something, A thing that will make so considerably sense after you realise when, and how to do it.


Liking some thing you did by oversight

Possibly you utilized the erroneous materials and put it on your get the job done by oversight or substituted a materials and found you likes the final result –

For case in point I poured white gouache on my do the job alternatively of Matt medium

Employing a medium in a distinctive way

It’s possible you see another person use a medium you don’t usually like in a new way and decide to check out it out and like it.

I did not used to like charcoal until I experimented with it with Matt medium.

I also noticed Jo Brown Prickly Witch on Instagram do some wonderful water color paintings with bits of card and a credit score card to apply it. That is some thing I fancy making an attempt.


When you discover a new product and actually like it even if it usually takes a couple attempts

When you find a new product and really like it. Basically this can take me back to when I experimented with your Pentel brush pen a handful of yrs back in London when we ended up out sketching and I really didn’t like it at all. But the moment I’d experimented with it once again a several situations I commenced to seriously love it. It was just finding out to adapt to the way it tends to make marks mainly because it’s entirely various to any pen I experienced utilized just before.

An additional AHA second I experienced, was when I to start with experimented with the Gamblin model. The a person thing I hated about oils was the smell… And then I read about Gamblin and assumed I’d give it a go, starting with Gamsol thinners and I have in no way appeared back. So my AHA second, was lastly realising that portray with oils didn’t need to be a stinky and harmful way to paint.

Dismissing products you really do not like

But truly, some of the a-ha times I’ve had, have been realising that I’m just not suited to sure elements because I only really don’t like how they sense. Oil pastels are a classic example of that. I absolutely despise applying them! I consider I could most likely check out them about and about once again and I would even now despise them. Sometimes you just realise that YOU are not the challenge, but the resources you are employing are mainly because they are just not appropriate for your design and style. Discovering the things you don’t like is similarly as crucial as discovering the factors you do.

Tara, I know you have completed this in the past, but accidentally purchasing the erroneous resources and realising you favor them to what you generally use is a different example of an aha moment.

That reported, I had hoped that would be the case for me when I ordered those Windsor and newton brush pens lately. I’d requested the chunky chisel ended version instead of the drinking water soluble brushes but I have to say I didn’t like those, so that was not an a-ha moment for me! But sometimes if points like that take place you could get it as a indication that maybe you should to test them. You never ever know, you may possibly uncover a new medium you appreciate!


When you discover that you like marks built by various tools

For instance I adore drawing with the dropper bottle major of an ink bottle. You may well uncover you like to use rags to utilize paint or bits of twig to get exciting marks

Combining mediums you wouldn’t count on to perform

When you learn that mediums you would not hope to do the job alongside one another operate wonderful.

I don’t forget observing anyone use charcoal with watercolour and they basically applied the charcoal initially. I would have dismissed that as a mix as I would imagine that it would search murky, but the result was terrific.

I would also under no circumstances expected that charcoal would get the job done effectively with Neocolor, but it does


When you discover the subject you most enjoy to draw

When you uncover the matter you most love to draw… And when this happened to me, it was all since I wished to challenge myself to draw anything I thought would be the most difficult. A little bit like finding it out of the way so the other points would feel less complicated. Basically it was when I first experienced a go at drawing glass and as before long as I had completed it the initially time, I realized it was a issue I was going to want to tackle all over again and again.

So that was unquestionably an a-ha second for me.

But more importantly when you quickly realise that you have a design. It is normally the case that artists don’t realise they have a style till anyone else factors it out. But on the other hand Some artists lookup and lookup and try out distinctive types all the time to try and uncover a style they love.

I recall my individual a-ha instant and it was when I shut every person all-around me up, predominantly other artists and tutors telling me I desired to loosen up. Indeed, they were right to a point… I did use to be quite tight and now I’m really joyful to use unfastened and painterly strokes in my get the job done and my paintings are considerably improved for it, but that transpired naturally over time. Getting pressured to slap it on and hope for the finest was way also severe and it was not right until the second I determined to overlook all people else and adhere to my very own instincts that my type arrived so a lot much more quickly and now it feels entirely pure to me.


When you at last link factors you like to do

Perhaps that is when you lastly uncover the issue you want to paint and the fashion that fits you most. For me that was finding a way to draw faces in a way that let me be unfastened and absolutely free.

Realising you can mix a lot more than one point you like in your art

Perhaps you appreciate painting flowers and animals and out of the blue realise that you can incorporate them in a novel way in a painting. When I was creating my vivid design operate I instantly realised I could combine characters with faces. Now I have realise that I can mix a market that I like – Science fiction with my art design and style


Unintentionally heading exterior the traces

Unintentionally going outside the house the traces is a very good a person. When have been young children we were being generally taught at school to attempt and stay inside of the traces, and the trees should be green, the sky must be blue, blah blah… But in fact venturing exterior the lines can make for a much more appealing sketch! And the flexibility that will allow you is so charming! I adore the spontaneity of it in my sketchbook.

And who states a tree has to be environmentally friendly?

The splendor of artwork is it you can paint the entire world particularly as you want to. There are no procedures! You may well want your tree to be purple or blue! So split these policies and do it your way!

Finding out to be a lot less important

Yet another issue I learnt was to be a lot less cherished in my sketchbook. There was a time when I employed to rub out any smudges or marks I had accidentally designed when I was drawing. When I appear again on those internet pages they are so characterless. But a person day I set my espresso cup down mainly because it was also incredibly hot and I’d put it on my sketchbook web site and it created a ring. The web site was blank but there was anything I favored about the mark it designed so I filled the web site anyway and that was absolutely an a-ha instant for me! I realised that all of the smudges, coffee rings and fingermarks tell a tale of their have and considering the fact that then my sketchbook has become so much extra appealing.

That a-ha moment undoubtedly manufactured me considerably less pedantic and additional comfortable with a smudgy e-book! And essentially if you search at an individual like Lewis Rossignol, can you visualize his sketchbook pages if he experienced cleaned his drawings up and taken off all the smudges when he’d finished? I don’t feel all those sketches would be everywhere in the vicinity of as interesting as they are the way he does it. And I know essentially he does a lot of it on intent!


Using something meant for another objective

You may have an Aha minute when you use a thing meant for one more intent in your artwork – For example I tried using making use of gummed tape in my artwork to collage with. Probably you may well use an aged text reserve as a sketchbook

When constraints push your art ahead

When you enter a competition or adhere to a short not liking an part of it and exploring you appreciate the results.

I talked about just lately I entered a level of competition and found that I liked a colour mixture I would under no circumstances have regarded as


When you see how significantly change a mount and frame can make to your artwork

And believe that me, it is one thing that can possibly make or break a portray! I have found a portray go from stunning to an complete disaster simply just mainly because of a poorly selected frame. And similarly, in some cases what may possibly be a portray you ‘quite’ like, can be fully reworked into a little something seriously unique when it is been mounted and put into the perfect body!

I love picking out frames for my paintings.I uncover that to be an artwork in alone!

Tara, I know that when you commenced framing your paintings you were so shocked how diverse they seemed, to when they were being just on the unfastened sheets of paper.

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