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Finding New Customers | Sophia Sohyun Kim | Episode 823

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Sophia Sohyun Kim | Episode 823

Sophia Sohyun Kim loves performing with clay. The inspiration of functioning with clay, the texture of reliefs, and cut outs are energizing to Sophia. Throwing clay on the potter’s wheel, in particular, can be addictive to Sophia as it is peaceful and own it is like a meditation for her as she has to center herself ahead of she can heart the clay. Trees have been Sophia’s obsession for a long time. Her fascination on tree barks started although taking pictures of birch, oak, and cedar trees in the Pacific Northwest. Sophia has been mesmerized that the the trees all appear to have scars on their barks and attempt to inform us their stories which get in touch with to us… Sophia watchfully listens to their stories to share botanic exquisiteness outside of cicatrix.


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They say the ideal purchaser to discover is the purchaser you previously experienced. They are the lowest priced to retain. So how do you preserve in contact with the client base that you have taken a long time to create when you experienced a fantastic area?

That is a superior query. I really have fairly a number of real shoppers that have been amassing my perform considering that my initially vocation. Eight several years ago I commenced this signature type and ever considering that I have rather a number of prospects coming again and speaking to me by e-mail or texting and they appear to my studio by creating an appointment and order from the studio. So I am rather fortunate simply because I have a ton of loyal existing customers.

Do you have an email listing that you arrive at out through to your shoppers?

I do have an e mail record but I am not really a tech individual. I am seriously terrible with the computer. I hate technological know-how. I loathe sitting in entrance of the computer. I really don’t mind executing it on the cellular phone with Instagram or e mail. I have so many e-mail piled up for eight several years and I experienced to gather them with each other and arrange them so that’s one a lot more to the list that I have not done. (laughter)

Do you at any time request your present prospects to inform their good friends?

I never ordinarily, but they do. (laughter) So I appreciate my shoppers because they are seriously nice individuals. Most of my customers are genuinely pleasant, they are humble down to the earth, and they are not abundant, rich, individuals but they adore my work.

Does currently being part of Area of interest help clients find out you?

Of course, I feel so. There are 15 distinct artists so if for illustration a single artist has one particular hundred current consumers then it’s how numerous 1000’s of mates and relatives probably who will be paying. So for absolutely sure.

How do you find new prospects?

Instagram. (laughter) When I was at the market I was not lively at all on social media. I am not a social media type of man or woman and I wasn’t emotion extremely snug exposing me and my work, to0 considerably on social media for the reason that it was not vital. I currently had wonderful exposure at the marketplace and why would I be bothered, correct? I did not even have enough time to make and sell at the marketplace, a lot of people today instructed me I need to do Instagram and that it was excellent exposure and I ignored them. (laughter) Then I bought out of the sector and I had no in which to go and all the reveals ended up cancelled and the industry was closed so I didn’t know what to do and I recognized that I had to do Instagram.

My final query is: Is there one thing that you would like I would have asked you?

My signature design and style: Rusty Birch. My birch layout and how it was produced and the tale guiding it.

Explain to me. 

I just love trees. I grew up suburban in South Korea and each time I go to faculty I experienced to walk into the forest, not a forest, but as a result of the trees and I just feel at household when I stroll inside of the trees. And my tree bark style started out from portray and drawing and taking images of West Coast tree barks. So I employed to get a large amount of pictures of bark and bark looks to discuss to me somehow. And they have a good deal of scars on the outside the house and anytime I glance at the scar or the bark of the tree it feels like it’s chatting to me. I didn’t imply to create bark texture or something, it just came to me. It just took place a person working day, I was actively playing with the slip and texture and scratching a sprucing them and it arrived to me a person day. So it was just meant to be, I assume.


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