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Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

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Responses by Marie-Pierre Dion, library conservator, marketing consultant and client, Château de Chantilly.

Qualifications: Designed concerning 1412 and 1416, the Très Riches Heures de Duc de Berry is a e book of hours that attributes outstanding works of art as manuscript illuminations. Due to the fact its acquisition by the Henri d’Orléans, the Duke of Aumale, in 1856, the e book has turn into an iconic illustration of medieval European artwork. But like all bound manuscripts, the Très Riches Heures are not able to be presented in its entirety: only two web pages can be viewed concurrently. Nor can the Très Riches Heures be forever exhibited for conservation reasons as restrictions restrict the manuscript’s exhibition time to a few months each 5 several years. As part of the renovation of the library of the Château de Chantilly, where the manuscript is kept, we took the opportunity to produce mediation and presentation instruments that equaled the perform of art’s mastery. As aspect of a huge software that included a digital images marketing campaign, a electronic leaflet and interactive set up by experiential interactive design studio Mosquito at the Château, this web-site by Mosquito and electronic design and style studio 23Forward puts a multilingual variation of the Très Riches Heures installation on the world wide web.

Design and style main: The internet site options a sober structure with blacked-out opinions that assistance emphasize the masterpiece’s artwork. A fluid navigation process assures that the user does not have to hold out as 420 higher-definition pictures load at about 11 MB for each web site and 22 MB per double web site. The application can make the construction of the reserve, the material of the texts and the which means of the photos easy to understand many thanks to bookmarks and captions with a apparent, discreet target. Last of all, the web site facilitates interactions for people and enables them the likelihood of crafting messages in the menu.

Worries: We had to build a correctly responsive web page to dwelling the unparalleled image top quality of the Très Riches Heures’s artwork that would permit the community to discover mysterious facts. The illustrations or photos, produced with a digital camera and not a scanner for conservation good reasons, are far more than 10,000-pixels-huge just about every. What’s additional, we experienced to make sure that the website was easy to recognize technically—with no assist site needed—and that it would existing scholarly content material in an effortlessly digestible format to achieve the broadest feasible audience. Also, the narrowness of the smartphone monitor designed it necessary to double the bottom navigation line with a menu on the site’s cell version.

Distinct project needs: We had to guarantee that the large-top quality photographs had been secured underneath the copyright of the companion photographic agency, so no downloading of visuals is possible. We program to unveil minimal-definition or partial pictures for customers to share on social media.

Navigation construction: The tactic to the navigation construction was to make the web page really feel like a natural browsing experience as if consumers were flipping by means of the actual manuscript. We did so by creating a progressive discovery of the book’s aspects all through the web pages.

The fidelity of Très Riches Heures is normally proven in its entirety. We applied a site-mode navigation on a vertical smartphone with a captioned, illustrated label displaying two webpages opposite every other. There are also webpage layout online games that involve this view. On a horizontal screen, we characteristic a double-page navigation with commentary labels.

Technological know-how: Coded in HTML5, PHP and JavaScript and making use of an open up-supply again close called SPIP, the web page can be scaled for the risk of our library utilizing this sort of an software for other manuscripts in the long run.

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