Like most Texas landscape painters, I have done more than my share of bluebonnet paintings, so when the prime of a “Painted Church” was from a plein air carried out 1 Spring afternoon near Schulenburg, the base 50 percent of a subject of bluebonnets was just a major fib. I will not apologize, having said that, as I stand by “Artist Perogative”. Which is absolutely nothing in comparison to these churches! A tour of the “Painted Churches” is a need to see any time of 12 months but specifically in the course of Bluebonnet year. They are situated in the communities of Dubina, Large Hill, Praha, and Ammannsville which dot the Centeral Texas Hill State. Modeled soon after the historical gothic cathedrals of Europe, they were constructed and adorned by Czech, German and Austrian immigrants through the 18th and early 19th century. When the exteriors are charming, nothing can get ready you for the elaborate interiors. Swooping cherubs, intricate designs of flowers, faux marble pillars and trompe l’oeil make for a fantasy environment of sheer delight! So if I instructed a very little visible fib, these poor immigrant artisans painted a Whopper! This will make them some of the most awe-inspiring illustrations of the wealthy cultures imigrants carry to our good state and a handle for any artwork or historical past enthusiast. Put it on your list of pleasurable things to do sometime this year!