Scott Listfield’s “The Lost World.” Opening…

David J. Holcomb

Opening Thursday, September 29th, 2022 at Talon Gallery in Portland, Oregon is artist Scott Listfield’s amazing solo exhibition, “The Missing Environment.”

Of the exhibition, Scott writes:

My name is Scott Listfield. I paint astronauts and, from time to time, dinosaurs.

That’s been the opening line of my artist statement because I very first commenced painting astronauts, a lengthy time in the past now. In much more the latest a long time, some world wide web person will occasionally pop up to comment “Hey! What ever happened to the ‘sometimes dinosaurs’?” Very well, random world-wide-web human being, this next demonstrate is for you.

I’ve identified myself pondering about dinosaurs currently. I’ve been looking at, over and in excess of all over again, the outstanding new documentary sequence Prehistoric Earth, on Apple Television set, narrated by David Attenborough. I’ve also been wondering, not for the to start with time, about dinosaurs as a metaphor, throughout a time when we feel ever more pushed to abide by in their large footsteps to extinction. And through a time when specified political factions feel intent on sending us back again in time to the stone age. I want to bear in mind a less complicated time in my existence, when I could sit and attract dinosaurs for several hours and then go dig a massive gap in my backyard because I assumed perhaps there may well be a Stegosaurus down there someplace (there wasn’t). And so I designed an overall show of dinosaur paintings.



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